About Us


Hi my name is Abeola - but everyone calls me Abbey, I am the founder of Derma Warrior. Derma Warrior began in 2017, as  a mother of 3 I was so desperate to find an effective, non-steroidal moisturiser for my painful skin condition.


I was prescribed topical steroids but started to notice that my skin was deteriorating and after researching,  found out that it was doing more damage than good.  After decided to stop using steroids, I started to experience symptoms of topical steroid withdrawal (TSW).  On my journey to healthy skin I tried numerous cream, lotions and potions. But they all made my skin feel like it was on fire. I ended up making my own products to help heal my skin.  With amazing results this was was how Derma Warriors was born.


Tsw ( topical steroid withdrawal) on hands Before and after

All products created are for Eczema, Psoriasis & Tsw are natural, fragrance-free and made with the most effective ingredients chosen for their soothing, repairing and moisturising properties. Nothing is added unless it will benefit the health of your skin naturally. 
Derma Warrior is my offering to you, a natural skincare that is both good to your body and kind to the earth.